Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Babyhood: Weeks 16 and 17

by Krewson Lee

Week 16 (June 18th through 24th)
* We went to cousin Hannah's wedding in Charlotte, and it was super nice.  Hannah looked so pretty. :)  I got to meet lots of relatives I hadn't met before.  They were all pretty excited to see me I think.
* After thinning out a bit, my hair decided to stop falling out.  Mommy was super relieved.  I can proudly say I had no bald spots.  Whew.
* My daddy had his first Father's Day.  He loves ginger ale and root beer so I picked out lots and lots of it for him as a present.  I also made him a card.  (Mommy helped me a little.)  I think he liked his surprise. :)
* I'm getting better and better at holding my head up when I'm on my tummy!! In fact, I usually don't even fuss anymore when Mommy puts me on my belly.  Unless she leaves me there for a long time.  Then I get a little cranky.  A man can only take so much.
* Daddy and Mommy had their two-year anniversary!  Uncle Danny watched me so that Mommy and Daddy could go eat grilled fish bones or something at Bonefish Grill. (Weird.)
* Grandma Nancy, Great Aunt Sandy, and Gran Gran (Great Grandma Nicodemus) came to visit.  They were very excited to see me.

with Cousin Hannah at her wedding

snuggling with Grammie at the wedding

family photo!

with my Mommy at the wedding

Daddy's Father's Day present. I gave it to him early, before we went to Charlotte for Hannah's wedding. :)

with Daddy on Father's Day, in the special outfit I wore just for him

with my Daddy and my Daddy's daddy

Week 17 (June 25th through July 1st)
* Grandma, G. Aunt Sandy, Gran Gran, and Mommy dragged me EVERYWHERE over the weekend.  Just to show them how much I enjoyed it (not a whole lot), I spit up and pooped all over my outfits as much as I could.  They had to change my clothes lots and lots of times.  It was great fun.  
* My hair started falling out again.  Mommy once again started pulling it out in clumps, and Daddy once again told her to stop it.  Silly parents.  Fortunately for them, I still have no bald spots. (I don't really care if I go bald.  I really don't care about many things, actually, except milk, smiles, hugs, kisses, bright colored toys, putting things in my mouth, and the TV.)
* I rolled over for the first time on Monday the 28th.  I did it right after Grandma, G. Aunt Sandy, and Gran Gran left (much to their sadness) and while Mommy was outside in the yard (much to her sadness).  I wanted to do it just for Daddy, cuz he's super special. I think it made Daddy happy. :)  I rolled from back to front to be different, since most babies roll front to back first.  And just to confuse people.  Since I don't like my belly much, Mommy and Daddy expected me to roll front to back first.  Hehehe I've got them ALL fooled.

me and Grandma Nancy

me and Gran Gran

I spit up on Great Aunt Sandy. Hehehehehe.

Talking to Grandpa Gordie on the phone. He was sad he couldn't come visit, so we had a little chat and I cheered him up.


  1. congrats to hannah! sounds like you had a lot of fun for the most part these past 2 weeks, minus the spit up and poop leaks. great gifts for father's day! i love ginger ale and norm loves root beer, okay mostly root beer floats.

  2. the shirt that dave's dad is wearing is so cute! i love it!

  3. gotta love the gran gran :)
    And yay for Krew for rolling over.

  4. Best to let the baby talk on speaker phone, not with the cell phone next to his head. Baby's and children's skulls are not as thick as adults, so they don't protect the brain from the em waves as well.