Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something Small to Share

I read this in an email devotional today and it struck a chord within me.  Thought I'd share...

In dealing with life-controlling problems—actually in dealing with life itself—we all need help from a power greater than ourselves. People look in many places for that help: wealth, fame, success, New Age philosophies, and even their own willpower. 

If you have been trying to deal with a life-controlling problem in your own strength, you are probably experiencing frustration, anger, fear, shame and rejection. It is important that you recognize that you can't do it on your own...

It just reminded me that I should be asking God to help me with anything I'm working toward in life.  That includes keeping my house clean and dropping the baby weight...two things I'm trying to do on my own and finding myself getting frustrated with.  I keep forgetting that God wants to be involved in our lives and help us even in the small things that it seems wouldn't matter to Him.

God bless!

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