Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Last weekend my friend Kristin took me to get a pedicure as a "baby" gift.  It was so wonderful.  We got lattes (decaf!) ahead of time and then sat there for an hour and got pampered.  My lady was especially into giving me a long foot massage, which I much appreciated since I can barely touch my feet anymore, regardless of what position I choose.  (Bending straight over...definitely not happening.  Propping the foot up on the other leg's knee...also not happening.  Putting a foot on a chair...somewhat feasible, but still a little difficult.  Squatting...yeah I can do that, but who does that to touch their feet??) 

Thanks for the hour of bliss, Kristin!!

What have YOU done to pamper yourself a bit lately??  


  1. What a sweet friend!

  2. I've been told getting pedicures can induce labor!! Maybe it will!! It didn't work for me though! I tried it!

    By the way you look fabulous! All belly girl!

  3. Aw, that was sweet! It must have been nice just to relax for a little bit!
    Oh, to answer your question, yep, Derek and I got engaged nine months after we met - it would have been sooner, but we wanted a semi-short engagement, and I didn't want to get married until i finished hygiene school (there was way to much stress in hygiene to try to get married at the same time)!