Monday, February 8, 2010

Coffee and Piano Room

Those of you who know me well know that I love me some music and coffee.  So, of course, when we were planning the interior decorating for our house, I jumped on Dave's idea to turn our front room into a coffee and piano room.  A couple weeks ago Kristin helped me hang up the pictures on the wall to add the finishing touches.  I absolutely love this room now!!  It's where I do my Bible reading every morning, and it's so soothing and comfy to me.  It's like my own special place. :)

Feel free to come over for a cup of Joe anytime! :)


  1. What a cozy area! If you read about our piano ( I think Melody misses is a lot. She was about to cry when it was taken away. Hopefully, we'll get one one day, but for now we have our little keyboard. We love music around here (thus Melody's name =p).

  2. It looks like a beautiful room! I like the color on the walls - looks like a good place to relax!