Friday, October 2, 2009


We have grubs in our yard!!!!  Eeeeeew!!!!!

With a little bit of Dave's dad's advice, we just figured out that we have a grub infestation.  New brown patches are appearing in our lawn (our brand-spanking-new sodded lawn!!) daily.  Dave's out of town till Sunday night, and I'm nervous about waiting another three days to do anything about these little maggots.  So off to Lowe's I will go tomorrow, to play yard-wife, purchase grub killer and a spreader, and take care of the lawn this weekend.

Eeew eeew eeew eew.  So gross.


  1. ewwww yuck. i'm definitely not a yard person. i wish i was, but i call my dad to do that stuff. good luck.

  2. you're braver than me...i can't stand those types of bugs...they rank up there next to slugs, which i absolutely despise! I hope the treatment worked!