Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our house...with paint. :)

Dave has been requesting that I post pictures of our house for quite some time, so I thought I'd appease my hubby and finally get to it. :)

My parents visited the weekend after we moved in and painted our ENTIRE downstairs except the bathroom.  It was absolutely amazing, and we are so thankful!!!

The living room before...

And the living room after, with gray paint on the walls. 

The other side of the living room before...

And after.  Why do I feel like this just looks worse, haha???? (Actually, I've cleaned it up quite a bit since this picture.)

The kitchen before...

And the kitchen after, also with gray paint.  This picture was taken at nighttime, so you don't really see how it looks during the day here.  It looks pretty when daylight hits the walls. :)

The piano/coffee room before...

And the piano/coffee room after.  These walls are painted a color called "Cappuccino".

The bathroom...the only room that didn't get painted.

My mom and dad painting.

My dad was so thrilled to have his picture taken, can't you tell??

Didn't my parents do an awesome job???? :)

This weekend Dave's mom and stepdad are bringing our dining room table and china cabinet, which I'm pretty excited about.  Then the coffee table that is currently in the kitchen will go in the piano/coffee room.  When we get the dining room table, we're planning on recovering the chairs and painting it...probably black.  You can check it out here:  New Home DIY Project #1.

We also plan on painting two dressers (one of which will be the baby's) and the baby's changing table sometime in the near future.  And we need to paint the baby's room.  Hmmm...lots of painting to go still. :)

Oh, and for all you inquiring minds, I did apply the grub treatment to our yard on Sunday.  I was pretty proud of myself for selecting and buying it and a spreader then doing the treatment on my own.  Now we'll just watch and see if it worked.  And for all you worriers out there, have no concerns...I never touched the treatment granules, only the bag, and I washed my hands thoroughly between each step.  So Baby Besido Krewson should be just fine. :)


  1. Your parents did a fabulous job! How nice of them. My dad's trimming our trees this week. hehe I love our parents. =)

  2. ks great! Your parents did do a great job painting. It looks like a beautiful home!

  3. I was wondering about you touching all that grub stuff! Glad you were careful. The house looks great! Your kitchen really looks a cozy place to hang around a graze in :) Getting the baby room ready will be the most fun.