Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Red, Green, Blue, or Yellow?

So I took a personality test today at work. Among many things, it described my prominent actual (underlying) personality and then how I adjust my personality for work.

I'm curious as to which of the personalities people actually think I am. I am actually a mix of more than one, but one was definitely the winner. So comment me back and tell me which of the following you think is most like me. After I get some responses, I'll tell you the real answer. :)

Here are the possible personality types:

Focused on getting results, being in control, and solving problems. Self-confident, decisive, and candid (which may be taken as criticism). Difficulty tolerating mediocre results. More interested in results than people, authoritative, and sometimes aggressive. Acts on environment rather than reacting to it. Must be in control or challenged. Will delegate responsibility but not authority. Comes across to others more strongly than realized. Outspoken, direct, interested in big picture but not details, and ready to take action. (Bottom line: Wants things done simply, quickly, and correctly without worrying about people-pleasing.)

Focus is on people. Outgoing, friendly, cheerful, and talkative. Likes to build organization and is team-oriented. Can influence others. Likes to accomplish things through people, is a natural delegator of both details and authority. Encourages teamwork, group discussion, and group decisions. Empathetic and intuitive. Concerned with how others respond, good at putting people at ease. Sixth sense of what people like to hear. Naturally optimistic, the life of the party, and likes to be noticed. (Bottom line: Likes to be around people and work with people to get things accomplished.)

Focus is on timing, harmony, and cooperation. Appears cool, calm, and collected under pressure. Stable and emotionally adjusted. Rolls with the punches and is inclined to turn the other cheek at confrontation (it stresses them out). Persistent, cooperative, reliable. Most effective in environment free from chaos and frequent interruptions. Evenly paced, gets work done on schedule, needs to know deadlines and schedules. Appears slow to start on projects (by those who are impatient) in order to get in a rhythm of work. Warm and friendly, approach things methodically. (Bottom line: Wants everyone to be happy and calm. Works at a steady pace to get things done, preferably within an organized schedule and a peaceful environment.)

Focus is on doing right and being right. Hates to make mistakes. Naturally good organizer who is careful, accurate, and precise. Will double check self and others. Does not easily delegate to others. Thorough and skillful with facts and figures. Good with details and can be meticulous (perfectionist). Appreciates knowing the rules and expectations. Believes in right way and wrong way. An itemizer (list maker). Gathers many facts before making a decision. Actively resists change unless reasons are explained and valid. Does not like cricism but is often self-critical. Often displays conservative behavior. (Bottom line: detail oriented, perfectionist, wants everything done the correct way. Dislikes mistakes, prefers organization, and does not like to delegate responsibility.)

So...which do you think I am???


  1. the answer is yellow, even if the test says otherwise.

  2. No doubt...yellow. Dave is right. No matter what the test says, it is yellow. I know my daughter well.

  3. Kara is a Peacock. When she opens up she can display just about any of these colors. A beautiful and rare creature indeed. Dave, you need to become a more creative writer (like me) to really impress your wife.

  4. i'm still young. give me time, i will learn.

  5. I can see why the real answer was what you got, but I would say blue. Blue is what I've seen expressed in our limited but precious quality time together.