Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ah Children

Today, in an attempt to cheer me up from some of the sadness I'm feeling, my mom sent me two little stories about my guardianship brothers Marc and Hal, who are both almost 11 years old (they are twins). (If you don't know why I'm sad and want to know, please ask me outside the blog. I don't feel like writing about it in here. ) I just had to share these little stories because I literally laughed out loud when I read them. If you know Marc and Hal, you will likely find these stories funny, also.

These are my mom's words, copied directly from her email.

"Here is a funny little piece of information. Hal started picking his nose in church Sunday. When I told him to stop because you don't do that in public, he responded, " Mom, I'm not EATING them!" Well, I guess that made it OK or something, I am not sure what. I really had to hold in my laugh.

Here is another. Leo schools have a "Life is Good" campaign going, letting kids know that there are ups and downs in life, but overall life is good. Marc came home with a green plastic "Life is Good" bracelet. He nonchalantly said, "We are doing this thing at school so we don't go out and commit suicide." Nothing like telling it like it is.

Marc (blonde) and Hal (redhead) are the two shortest ones. :)

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