Monday, October 13, 2008

Give Me Your Eyes

When I walk through malls, airports, parking lots...I oftentimes try to look at the people around me with softened eyes...I wonder what they're going through, what pain they're feeling today...whether they know Jesus...whether they want to know Him.

Sam sent me the song "Give Me Your Eyes" by Brandon Heath today, and it struck a note in my heart I cannot explain. I listened to it over and over. I closed my eyes and felt the song to a depth so deep. I had visions of people going through my head as I listened to the words, and thought, wow, I need to pray this song to God every day.

Then I looked the song up on You Tube, and the video was absolutely amazing. It gave me chills. The video is exactly what I envisioned it would be. People in an airport, all looking as they always look to me...and then Brandon Heath singing, closing his eyes and gripping his hands in fists and holding his heart just as I want to so many times, and how I wanted to when I listened to his song. I could read in his body language exactly what the lyrics and tune stirred in my own soul.

I just had to share this song and what I experienced through it. Watching the video brings tears to my eyes. God touches us all in amazing and different ways. It is my hope that someone else who reads this blog will be touched as I was.

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