Friday, September 19, 2008

Simplify. Home. Sick.

I'm home from work sick today. Not sure what it is. Sore throat and body aches. Not a whole lot of fun.

Since I have no energy and my body hurts, I'm limited to doing things I can perform from a sitting or lying down (is supine the word?) position. Therefore, I am pretty much limited to my laptop, reading, or sleeping. (TV or movies would be an option for some people; however, not me. That is about the last thing I want to do.) Hence the reason I'm writing this blog.

Rogan and Maggie really seem to be enjoying the fact that I'm home. They're alternating between napping and playing every 30 minutes. Theirs is a rough life.

I'm currently in the process of deleting my myspace account, which is slightly ironic considering that it's how Dave and I met. However, I'm just tired of keeping up with it. Facebook and a blog are plenty for me. Myspace seems...well...I don't know. It's too much of my old life. I just don't feel excited by it anymore. My desire to get rid of it is probably a side effect of my desire to simplify my life. I'm working on being less involved outside of home and spending more time at home reading, cooking, or hanging out with Dave. I've had a renewed excitement about my relationship with Christ lately, and I can't get enough of the Bible and reading Christian writings. It's kind of hard to satiate my excitement if I'm not at home reading and relaxing.

I'm also working on being less concerned about the condition of our house. My OCD-ness tells me that I want it dog hair, no dust, everything in its proper place and looking fitting with the surroundings. However, I'm starting to realize that to keep the house like that takes a lot of energy, and if I want to have time to do all the things I enjoy, I can't keep up with it. And right now I think it's very important to enjoy my life. Any of you who know me well know that I've rarely relaxed my entire life. If I have a spare moment, I have to fill it with something. I cannot sit still. Talking at the dinner table after the food is gone drives me up the wall. Sitting reading a book while there's clutter surrounding me is nearly impossible. I get antsy sitting at stoplights because it's wasting my precious minutes. I see such a striking resemblance between these tendencies of mine and the tendencies of my mother. (Although, I think she and I will both agree that she is MUCH worse than me. I was home one time and laid down on the couch and started watching the tv show that one of my siblings had turned on. She looked at me with a bewildered face and asked, "What are you DOING???" --- RELAXING Mom, I was RELAXING!! It's normal!!! [Even though I struggle with it myself.]) :)

So anyway, the point of all this is that I'm working on being a more enjoyable person. I want to relax more and enjoy more. I don't want to spend my life concerned about the little things. This is why I'm getting rid of myspace and why I'm joining fewer activities. I want to read, sleep, laugh, and write. I want to BREATHE.

I've briefly looked through my old myspace blogs, and there are definitely some I don't want to get rid of. Therefore, I'll be adding them to this blog so I can keep them in my online memory bank.

Alright enough for today. Peace out yo. :)

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