Monday, April 14, 2008

Birthdays, Bibles, and 4th Brothers

First off, I'd like to say that today is my Mom's birthday, so Happy Birthday Mom!!!! :)

Second, I discovered the number-one cure for my days of depression.
Read the Bible.
I know it sounds cliche, but yesterday I was in the WORST mood ever, then I read the Bible for a while (the Old Testament, believe it or not...and not Psalms or Proverbs either) and it totally lifted my mood. It made me remember that people in the olden (is that a word?) days had it WAY worse than me, and they still kept their heads high and their eyes on I should be able to do the same!! If they could keep uplifted spirits in their times, I should definitely be able to keep an uplifted spirit in mine.
It's just that sometimes you get caught up in all the motions of, dinner, clean, work, dinner, clean...and you start to wonder, what IS the point of all this?
Why do we live to just go through all these motions and then die?
Open up the Bible and it gives you the answer...we do it for God. We do everything for Him. So that one day we can be with Him for eternity, and there will be no more of this monotonous life.
This world isn't our true home. That's why we feel so out of place and like something is always missing. It's because our hearts long to be with God in paradise, where we will feel love and contentment always.

Third, I wanted to share that my family has identified my half-brother, and I'm SOOOO excited. Most of you don't know, but I have a half-brother that I've never met, and I never knew his name or even if he was alive until yesterday. It's been something that's been heavy on my heart for 5 years. Although I don't know if he even wants to meet me and my other brothers or have anything to do with us, just knowing he's alive and well and seeing an online picture of him was enough to ease the pain I've tried to ignore for years. I'm incredibly happy.

Alright back to work. God bless you all!

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