Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Parenthood: Weeks 8 through 10

Clearly my Mommy is slacking on keeping you all updated with my progress, so I (Krewson) will be filling you in with what's happened over the last couple of weeks.  Hopefully my Mommy will get her act together soon and you'll start seeing her weekly parenthood posts again.

So let's see...

Week 8 (April 23rd through April 29th)
* I started getting really good at batting at the dangling toys hanging from my playmat.  It was so exciting, I'd just lay there and squeal and squeal.  It made Mommy laugh, and I think she was also pretty happy that I could entertain myself a bit.  I like to do things like that for her once in a while. :)
* I developed a beautiful case of cradle cap on my scalp.  I had scales and redness galore. :)  Mommy tried to help me out by rubbing Aquaphor (similar to Vaseline) into my head then giving me a bath.  I don't know what she was thinking.  Does she know how goopy Aquaphor is???  Well, needless to say, my baby shampoo did not get rid of the Aquaphor.  After the shampooing my hair remained in sticky clumps all over my head.  It was awesome.  So then Mommy washed my head again, which I did not like one bit.  And guess what.  My hair was still gunky.  Then she resorted to using baby wipes to pull the stuff out of my hair.  That worked a little better.  It was still a little sticky, but at least I didn't look like a total grease ball anymore.
*We got a sudden phone call from my daycare saying that they could only take care of me for four hours per day when Mommy goes back to work, and Mommy and Daddy got really stressed.  Well, ok, Mommy got stressed.  Daddy doesn't get stressed.  Mommy even cried a little.  That made me sad.  I told her to pray about it and start looking for another place to take me and that it would all work out.  Well, ok, Daddy and her friends told her that, but I was thinking it.  If only I could talk...
*I took my first trip out of the Triangle, and I even went on a plane! Mommy and I flew to Ohio to visit her friend Jaclyn.  I think she was a little stressed about the flight with me, but I made sure to be on my best behavior so she'd take me on her next trip, too.  I got to smile at all kinds of different people, even this one really weird janitor in the Baltimore airport with only one working eye, who stood and chattered nonsense at me for about ten minutes.  It was kind of strange; neither Mommy or I had any idea what he was saying.  But it seemed to make him happy so we let him go. :)

Mommy always dresses me like a stud for church.

Being on my best behavior in the airport.

Jaclyn was an excellent napper.  Her two doggies were pretty good, too. :)

Week 9 (April 30th through May 6th)
*Mommy's friend Ashley picked us up from Jaclyn's and drove us to Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Gordie's house in Indiana.  I got to meet all kind of relatives; uncles, aunts, a great uncle and great aunt, great grandparents, and lots of friends.  It was awesome.  Grandma had a baby shower for me and I got tons of presents that I can't wait to play with and wear once I get a little older.  We also went shopping a lot.  Mommy and Grandma like to do that.
*During the whole trip I was sick. :(  I think someone gave me a germ on the plane.  I didn't want Mommy to feel left out so I gave her the germ, too.  That way we could cough, sneeze, and be gunked up together. I like to share most things with my Mommy.  Germs, slobber, spitup, boogers, ya know, all that stuff.  She likes it I think.
*I turned two months old! Yay!
*Before Week 9 was up we flew back to North Carolina to be with my Daddy again.  I think he missed us lots.  I sure missed him.  On the plane ride home I started swatting at my moo cow that was in front of me and grabbing it, and it was the first time I'd ever reached for a toy.  Mommy got so excited she almost poked the guy sitting next to her on the plane to tell him about it, but I made her restrain herself.  I didn't want people thinking we were weirdos or anything.

At the baby shower. Grandma fed me so that Mommy could spend time with all her nice friends and family.

I love my Grandpa.

I told my Mommy and Grandma that if they were going to drag me out shopping all day long, then they'd best be holding me the way I want to be held, facing out. I had to whine a little, but I got my way.

Mommy and Daddy didn't get to eat their wedding cake on their one-year anniversary like they were supposed to, so Mommy thought she'd have a bite of it while we were visiting Indiana. (That's where they got married, ya know.)  Grandma and Grandpa appreciated it because it cleared out some space in their freezer. Mommy said the cake tasted like cardboard with frosting on it. I don't know what cardboard tastes like, but, judging by looks, it's gotta be good.

In my carseat, on the way back home to Daddy!

Week 10 (May 7th through May 13th)
*My Mommy had her first Mother's Day, and I gave her a pedicure.  I mean, I didn't touch her feet or anything, I'm going to let someone else do that, but I told her she could get a pedicure for Mother's Day.  Well, ok, I didn't tell her, because I can't talk yet.  Daddy told her.  But she knew it was from me. :)
*On Mother's Day I also pooped through my outfit and all over Mommy while we were having lunch at Pei Wei.  She took me in the bathroom and started changing me and I didn't like it one bit so of course I started crying and wriggling all over the place.  Well then my cries echoed off the walls and I was crying cuz it was so loud and I thought I might go deaf.  Mommy wasn't very good at cleaning me up, either, because she got poop all over my back and my arms and legs and even all over the changing table.  It was disgusting.  Thanks a lot, Mommy.
*Mommy and Daddy found a new daycare for me!  I knew God would take care of us. :)  This really sweet lady that lives by the library is going to take care of me in her home along with three other kids.  I can't wait until I can sit up and play with them a little.  Two of them are seven months old and one of them is three years old.  I just know we'll be great friends.  The lady seems super nice, and she has an awesome backyard.  She did say that she uses timeout and expects pleases and thankyous, though, so I'll have to make sure I behave once I'm of the behaving age. :)
*I officially became awesome at grabbing my toys dangling from my playmat.  I can make the frog sing music over and over and over.  Mommy and Daddy like to sing along.  Sometimes they even sing the songs for me when I don't pull the frog.  That's how much they like my music.  I must admit, it is pretty spectacular.

We go watch Daddy play ultimate frisbee every Saturday. I have studly sunglasses to protect my eyes.

I was pooping all over myself right now, and Mommy and Daddy had no clue, hehehe.

Showing off how I can (sort of) sit up in my Bumbo and how excellent I am at swatting the moo cow.

Making the frog sing.

Mommy and Daddy like to cheat and use baby carriers to hold me sometimes. I usually let them simply because I love them. Plus I must admit this Moby Wrap is pretty sweet. :)

Flying like an airplane in Daddy's arms.

See the drool dripping off Daddy's arm? Yup, I'm the king of slobber.

Alright well I'm glad we're all caught up.  I'll make sure Mommy stays more on top of things from now on.


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  1. Sounds like lots going on over there.

    I had to LOL at the Aquaphor story. Oh no! I had cradle cap when I was a baby and according to my mom my pediatric prescribed some stinky shampoo. Emily had a bit of it and our pedi told us to just use Head and Shoulders if it doesn't irritate her scalp. On an unrelated but somewhat related note...Lansinoh also grease up when you try to wash it off your hand. I had to remember to use wipe it off.

    Looking way studly in that outfit!! And very precious asleep with Jaclyn. I'm glad the ride was okay for the most part. And Grandma and Grandpa look so happy.

    Krew is growing up very nicely. I can tell by the drool. =p