Friday, May 28, 2010

Babyhood: Weeks 11 and 12

Ok, it's official.  I (Krewson) will be taking over the weekly updates.  My Mommy is just too much of a slacker.  Since I am the new official author, I am changing the title from Parenthood to Babyhood.  I don't know much about parenthood, but man do I know a lot about babyhood!

So here it goes.

First off, I totally forgot to tell you all my amazing statistics that the doctor gave on May 13th (the end of Week 10).

Length: 24 1/2 inches, 90th percentile (yeah, I'm pretty amazingly long)
Weight: 12 lbs 14 1/2 oz, 74th percentile
Head: 16 in, 74th percentile

I also got shots on that day, and they were HORRIBLE.  I cried so much that Mommy started crying because the normal ways she soothes me wouldn't work and I guess she felt really sad for me.  I couldn't help it, it was just so scary!!!  It was nice to know Mommy cares that much, though. :)  I was ok after a few minutes of cuddles from Mommy, but later that afternoon I didn't feel so great and was the crabbiest I've ever been.  Mommy had to feed me standing up to get me to stop crying long enough to eat.  It was pretty traumatic.  Good thing I never have to have another shot again.  (At least I don't think I do.  Wait.  Do I?  Mommy...we need to talk about this!)

Alright on to the weekly updates.

Week 11 (May 14th through May 20th)
*Friday, May 14th was Mommy's 27th birthday!  We went over to some friends' house for a small cookout.  I think Mommy had a grand time.  I made sure to wear a bib that let her know how much I love her.
*That weekend Daddy had an ultimate frisbee tournament.  It was all for fun, not super serious like I've heard his Ring of Fire tournaments are.  (I can't wait to go to those this summer!)  Daddy's team's name was Krewelle...named after me and my awesome friend Ellie (Elle).  Isn't that so cool??  Ellie's daddy and Uncle Brooks were on the team, too.  And, to top it all off, Krewelle won the whole tournament! Yay, go daddies!!
*Uncle Danny moved in! He's staying with us until he finds a job and stuff. He just moved back from New Orleans. Mommy and Daddy are happy to have him, and I'm super excited to spend some time with my uncle. :)

Wearing my bib for Mommy on her birthday.

Life is splendid.

Mommy didn't want to put sunscreen in my hair while we were watching Daddy's ultimate frisbee games, and she forgot my sun hat, so she made me wear Daddy's hat with a burp cloth under it.  It was so embarrassing.

Me and Ellie with our daddies.  See the team name on their shirts?

Uncle Danny!  (And don't worry, I'm not bleeding out of my eye.  That's my pacifier. :) )

Week 12 (May 21st through May 27th)
*Mommy and Daddy took me to Charlotte to visit lots of family. I got to see 3 of my 12 great grandparents. :) I also got to go swimming for the first time! It was great. We went to Ellie's grandma's and grandpa's pool. I splashed my hands in the water over and over again and it went all up in my face, but I didn't care. It was just so fun. Mommy covered me in lots and lots of super goopy sunscreen so I didn't get burnt. It was so much excitement that I fell asleep on the tile bathroom floor afterwards while Mommy was getting my bath ready. I was just so tired, I couldn't help it! Of course Mommy had to take a picture of it because she thought it was so cute. (She thinks everything I do is cute. I suppose it is. It must be, if Mommy says so, right?)
*After Charlotte we went to Asheville to see the bridge that Daddy designed. Man, my daddy is awesome. I mean, seriously, how many of your daddies can take you to a bridge they designed? We visited the Grove Park Inn (this really fancy place where you have to wear polo shirts and nice brown shoes) and pretended like we were staying there just so we could see the pretty sites.  We also got to hang out with my friend Haley and her parents Vanessa and Zach. (Check them out at their blog, Blue Ridge Baby!)  Then we got to go to see the biggest house in America, the Biltmore.  It was pretty splendid.  Wow I get to do a lot of exciting things as a baby. There's going to be nothing exciting left by the time I'm two!
*In the midst of all the traveling, I am getting pretty awesome at grabbing my toys.  I like the toys hanging from my playmat, and I also sit in my Bumbo and play and play with anything Mommy puts on my tray. Mommy took a six minute video of me doing it yesterday!! (Like I said, my Mommy thinks everything I do is cute.)  Maybe she will share the video with you if you ask.  I'm also getting great at standing on my own two feet.  Sometimes Mommy can just hold my hands and I'll keep standing.  She'll have to take a picture of me doing it to share with you!
*Mommy finally found a way to help me enjoy tummy time!  Yay! It's all thanks to her friend, Alinna. Alinna told Mommy to put me on her chest, so she did.  Then Mommy propped me up on my elbows, and wallah!! I kept my head up and looked her in the eyes!  About time she figured out what I wanted!  Now tummy time is fun, as long as I'm not too tired.  I just keep looking at Mommy then she makes me smile and I let my head fall, then Mommy props me back up again. We do it over and over.  It's great.  And sometimes I like to hold my head up and look all around.  There are so many exciting things to see!
*Mommy has a new thing she does where she turns on some music and then dances my legs and arms to the beat.  I think it's so wonderful, it makes me smile and laugh.  She also plays patty-cake with me sometimes.  That makes me smile too.  This world is such a fun place!

Water fun with Ellie.

Yes, here I am, passed out on the bathroom floor.

This is one of Mommy's favorite pictures of me. 

Here we are at Daddy's bridge.

The view from a balcony at Grove Park Inn.

Haley thought my belly button was pretty cool.

At the Biltmore Estate.

Playing with my toys!

Alright I think that's it!  I'll be back next week!


  1. You keep on getting cuter and cuter Krew!!! What fun adventures your parents take you on. Happy birthday to your mommy!!! I'll be sure to visit your Daddy's bridge one day. Sorry to tell ya, but they have a lot more shots than when I was a kid. I just tell it like it is. My poor kids know the truth about everything. I can tell you that your mommy will be there for you every time to make you feel better though. Have a great weekend!!

  2. krew- that's the way to go, dude. gotta get yer blog in yer own terms now and give the mommies a break. now we can be bloggin' buddies. keep typin' on, man!

  3. krew, i love your post! you've been up to so much lately! i'm really glad you enjoy tummy time now.. ruby really liked lying on my chest when she was small like you. can't wait to see you and your mama again sometime soon! oh, and tell your daddy that he IS amazing for designing that cool bridge.. and in such a cool town like asheville too!