Friday, November 13, 2009

Where does that expectation come from?

This past Sunday's sermon at church stemmed from the story of Mary and Martha, and I really really liked what the pastor had to say. The main point was that we put so many expectations on ourselves to be perfect or be a certain way, and that often these expectations are completely unfounded.

I really wanted to share it, because it took a load off my shoulders and somehow reached me in a way that all the books I've read and even my past counseling sessions were never able to. I wrote down in my notes, and even in my Bible, to go back and listen to it on a regular basis.

I know listening to a sermon probably isn't your idea of a great evening activity, but perhaps you could just play it while you're cooking dinner or cleaning up afterwards. :)

Here's the link:
(Or you can go to ...until it's no longer the current series, then it will be in "past series". :) )

If you do listen to it, let me know your thoughts. :)


  1. Thanks for the link. I'll have to bookmark that to listen to when I get a chance, which might not be for awhile at the rate we're going. =p I always need a reminder like that.c

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  3. I'll try to listen to this during the week if I can - sounds like a good sermon.