Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Friends, Fence, and Giveaway

So I just realized that I never posted about my wonderful Ohio friends coming down to visit me a couple weeks ago!!  Jaclyn, Ashley, and Michelle made the trip down and spend a weekend with me and Dave.  (Well, mostly they spent the time with me [shopping], and Dave joined in on a dinner or two. :))  It was great fun...I absolutely loved having them here.  The four of us have been friends since our college years at Ohio Northern University (ah, the memories).

Jaclyn, Michelle, me, Ashley

The three of them also got Dave and me a homewarming gift (candle and incense, yum) and baby gift (monitor), which I was super pysched about.  You can read about the monitor here: 22 Weeks 4 Days.

The second big item for this post is that Dave and I got a fence for our backyard!!  We were having a hard time deciding whether to take the financial leap, but with my growing belly and the weather getting colder, I was really dreading chasing the dogs down outside if they decided to run off.  Besides that, it's just great to let the pups run all they want.

We'll just ignore the fact that Rogan is apparently much skinnier than her fur leads you to believe and that she's already managed to squeeze through the fence posts twice.  Yes, that's right.  She can skimmy through.  It's unbelievable.  Those are not big holes between those slats, people.  Dave and I are not too thrilled about this, and we're considering ways to fix the situation.  One idea is to put some type of rope about a foot or two up from the ground zig-zagged through the slats, all the way around.  That way she'd have to jump and fit through in one leap, which shouldn't (!!!) be possible.  She doesn't get out on a regular I said, it's only been twice (once during which Dave apparently just stood and watched in amazement), but it's still a concern.  Until we find a remedy, my temporary solution is to beef her up a bit.  So she gets a few more bits in her bowl in the morning now.  We'll work on a healthier solution for down the road. :)

Finally, I must share with everyone that my friend Callie is having an Autumn giveaway on her blog!!!  So definitely go check her out at Through Clouded Glass.  She's got some good (and yummy) things she's passing out. :) The giveaway takes place this Saturday, so hurry up to get over there and enter!!

Alright I think that's all for now. :) God bless!


  1. Your backyard is so big! The fence looks great - I bet you'll be glad to have it too!
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    Thanks for blogging about the giveaway, by the way! *smile*

  2. u can give me the run-down on how to randomly generate a name, that would be good. *grin*