Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life updates

First of all, just got the news that our home loan was approved!! Whoo hoo!!  Now just one more week of waiting and we'll be moving into our new house. :)  All the builders have to do between now and then is fix up some cosmetic things around the house, resolve issues found by the inspection we had done, and put in the sod.  I'm pretty excited. :)

With a new yard came the need for yard supplies.  So Dave and I have been on the lookout for a lawn mower, garden hose, sprinklers, etc.  Over the weekend we found a lawn mower on Craigslist, and it's exactly what Dave wanted (for half the retail price).  It's electric and cordless.  It's pretty just pull a super-easy handle and the mower revs right up.  (Quite different from my dad's gas mower.  Your arm has typically gone numb by the time you get its engine running.)  There's a picture of the mower below.  When we're done mowing we just plug it in to recharge.  No gas to fill or spills to clean up.  Yay.

We also bought a 100-ft garden hose and giant tarp (combo package) from a lady on Craigslist.  Given the tiny size of our yard, this 100-ft hose should suffice to reach every area of our yard from one single water faucet.  Very efficient. :)

On another note, I recently discovered that I can no longer go jogging due to my new preggo body.  (See my post about it here: 14 Weeks 5 Days.)  So I've been regularly using the elliptical machine in the apartment complex gym, because it's about the only activity that doesn't make my body ache.  You might have already figured out that this is not going to be an option once we move into our new house.  And I'm not about to get all weak and flabby while I'm pregnant.  I'm sure getting my pre-baby body back will be difficult enough as it is (if I even get it totally back).  So my solution?  Craigslist again. :)  I found an elliptical that retails for close to $500 for $125.  We picked it up Sunday, and it looked like it had barely been touched.  Brand-spankin'-new condition.  An excellent bargain, once again. :)

Alright well that's all I have time to share for now.  Hope everyone is doing well. :)

God bless,

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  1. That's great that you were able to find an elliptical machine! And that's so exciting that you're moving in soon!