Friday, August 21, 2009

Frisbee in Seattle

This past weekend Dave and I flew to Seattle for an international ultimate frisbee tournament. It was pretty fun. :)

downtown Seattle

I didn't really get any good action shots. I left my good camera at home to avoid
the bulkiness of it while traveling so far with so many people. :(

Dave in the game vs Columbia

Columbia liked to circle up with the other team after every game.
It was cute.

Brian, I-can't-tell-who, and Dave in the crazy new Ring jersies.
Not sure what I think of them yet. ;)

Dave prepping to throw

Go Ring!

our last night in Washington

beautiful sunset

flying home over the mountains!


  1. cool pic of the mountains! good job!

  2. How fun! It looks like a fun trip. I also like your picture of lfying over the mountains - good job! It looks really cool.

  3. Very fun! How many teams were there?

  4. Great pictures! That is a great one from the plane, too. Mine never turn out that great. How are you feeling?