Sunday, August 23, 2009

So close to done...

Our house is nearly finished!! Our closing date is September 17th...less than four weeks away. I absolutely cannot wait. :) We now have all the floors in (carpeting and vinyl upstairs, hardwood downstairs), lights, all the appliances (except the fridge which we bought separately), and even plants in the yard. Grass (sod) will come before the move-in date.

Here are some updated pics for all of you who have been inquiring. :)

upstairs hall bath

gameroom...there's even carpeting under the tarp

master bathroom shower with a bunch of weird stickies all over it

master bedroom

our front yard tree and some bushes

plants on the right side of the front of the house
(I'm so excited!! I love plants!!)

we have a mailbox now, too!


  1. lookin good. i'm sure you're antsy to get moved in!

  2. Yea! I know you are super excited!!! It looks great!