Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Krewson Lee: 7-Year-Old Interview

Krew turned 7 on March 5th! He had several mini birthday celebrations with family, we met some friends at a bounce house one night, and then he even gained an aunt on his birthday day (welcome to the family, Amber)!

As usual, I'll soon be doing a blog post to sum him up at age 7. But first, here is his annual interview. I decided to switch up the questions a little this year from past years, to be more relevant and personal and really capture more of who he is. I'm hoping these same questions will continue to work as he grows older, and also with Greyden in his birthday interviews.

Enjoy the interview! Past interviews are posted below, too, so you can see how he's changed. :)

Age 7:

Age 6:

Age 5:

Age 4:

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