Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy birthday to me

It's my 31st birthday today. :) It kinda feels like any other day, but I'm trying to do a few things to feel special. Like I'll be picking up a free Caribou Coffee latte and a free Rita's italian ice. I'm also hanging with some friends today and hopefully painting some frames I've been wanting to paint for a loooooong time while our kids play together. (Is it weird that my birthday request was to knock off something on my to-do list?)

This past weekend one of those friends I'm seeing today bought me a pedicure (felt fantastic!) and last night Dave took me shopping to a new local consignment shop where I got three new pairs of skinny jeans and two tanks tops. All for the cost of one regular-priced pair of jeans. Yay. :)

Krew made my day this morning when he came down the stairs and announced "Happy birthday, Mommy!" with a big, genuine grin on his face. I asked him if Daddy had told him to say it and he said, "No, I just thought you would like it." It melted my heart. He doesn't display unprovoked affection like that for me very often, so I absolutely cherished it.

My 30th birthday last year was rough for me emotionally, but now that I've gotten past the 3-0 hump I feel just fine. I'm an adult with a 3-1 instead of a 3-0. That's cool. :)

Alright, time to end this random rambling birthday post. Hope you all have a great day.

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