Saturday, August 3, 2013

Birthday Party!! :)

My goal with Greyden's birthday party was to make it cute and fun but not stress myself out. With the two birthday parties we've had for Krew, both times I've felt so stressed ahead of time, worrying about trying to make it look like everything I see on Pinterest. (Darn you, Pinterest.)

So this time, my goal was to have a few cute things that took some effort, but to let everything else be simple and easy. And overall, I think I succeeded. :) I did a giraffe theme, so we made a giraffe out of cupcakes, had Grey's Granny Es make him a giraffe shirt, and used random giraffes from around our house as decorations.

We had his party in a pavilion at a nearby park, which was great because all the toddlers that came (and there were a LOT!) got to play on the playground when they weren't eating. And that also meant I didn't have to clean and decorate my house ahead of time or worry about where to put all those people in our home. I'm definitely a fan of using a park pavilion now, and can see myself doing it again in the future!

Here are a few pics from the day. We had a good time. :)

He had a lot of grandparents - and even two great grandparents! - come for the party.  It was so great to see so much love. :)

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  1. So cute! Your party looks perfectly pinable :)