Monday, March 18, 2013

We have a 3-year-old!

Two weeks ago, on March 5th, our little man turned three years old!

Krewson Lee, I just can't believe how quickly the time has gone. You bring your daddy and me so much joy, every day. We love you oh so much.

We had a birthday party with some friends for your birthday, and boy you had a lot of fun! Games, playing, treats and cake, a pinata, and was a grand time. :)

And then we celebrated twice more! Once on your real birthday with just us, and then the next weekend with some of your grandparents. You also had a celebration at daycare at Grandma Eileen's. You now think that birthday celebrations last at least a week and involve never-ending presents and festivities. In fact, when we took you back to Grandma Eileen's the next week, you asked where your birthday decorations had gone. When I told you it was no longer your birthday, you replied in an exasperated tone, "But I'm STILL THREE!!!"

Your daddy and I love watching you grow and develop into a little boy. You chat our ears off all day long, which leaves us smiling or cracking up on a regular basis. I've been told you have the sweetest voice by several people. I'd have to agree, it is pretty sweet...but it also quickly turns into a whiny voice which is also one of your favorites. :)

It's hard for me to find the words to describe your personality. Although you are frequently happy and sweet, your Grandma Nancy says you have a side that reminds her a lot of the difficult side of your Uncle Collin when he was little. You become very melancholy when you don't get your way, and you are very clingy and negative in situations with a lot of new people. You absolutely hate going into Sunday School at church every week, and I'll admit that we often bribe you with candy to keep you from having a complete meltdown.

You also have a hard time standing up for yourself with friends, and instead of trying to resolve issues on your own, you come running to us crying and tattling, which is something your daddy and I are struggling with a lot when it comes to raising you. We want you to turn the other cheek, but we don't want you to be a tattler and we also don't want you to let people walk all over you. How to find the balance?

At the same time, you are such a sweet boy. You're kind and never one to hit. You are goofy and love to sing and dance and play with others. You're always ready to give hugs and kisses and "I love you"s. You're very responsive to discipline, which is something your daddy and I really appreciate. Sure, you have your moments of stubbornness and we have to pull out some more extreme discipline tactics, but overall you're a pretty easy kid to deal with.

You have these random bouts of extreme energy and goofiness, and you will run all over speaking gibberish and flailing your body in crazy directions. You also love to play pretend, and frequently bring one of your dress-up costumes to me or Daddy to put on and play with you. (Yay. ;) ) You still love all sports, riding bikes, and music.

I've been trying to learn to incorporate God into our daily talks, which at first felt awkward but is now feeling more natural. When disciplining, I try to say, for example, "God says we shouldn't lie," and apparently you've been listening. Twice in the last couple of days, when you've wanted something, you've informed me, "Jesus says..." followed by what you want. I'm like, oh goodness.

You're still on the shorter side, but we'll have your 3-year checkup on Wednesday to find out exactly where your percentiles fall. You wear mostly 3t clothes, although we still put you in many 2t t-shirts because we prefer the less baggy style. You wear anywhere from size 8 to size 10 shoes, depending on the brand. And regarding are now POTTY TRAINED (hallelujah!) so you don't have a size for those anymore. :)

Thank you for bringing us so much joy, little boy. I just can't even imagine our lives without you. :)

Your Mom[my] (You pretty much refuse to call me "Mommy." I'm "Mom." *Tear*)

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