Friday, January 25, 2013

Children are Time Suckers

When I decided to go down to two days of work per week, I immediately started imagining all that I would get done around the house on the days I was home.

Throughout the days, I would pick up clutter and put things away so that the house never got out of control.

I would have time to dust, even the blinds and baseboards.

I would start working out. I'd get back to my morning quiet time.

I'd have time to run errands - go to the bank, window shop through Target, drop off that pile of Goodwill donations that's been sitting in my closet for eons.

My sons and I would have tons of time to do crafts, work on Krew's letters and numbers, and play outside. We'd read books and sing songs and dance.

I'd get back to blogging regularly. I'd get my photos caught up and uploaded for family.

And of course lots of playdates with friends. And delicious meals cooked for my husband when he got home.

The thing I seemed to forget about through all this?

My children.

I mean, I didn't forget about them. Clearly, they are the main reason I wanted to be home more. Partially to spend more time with them, building our relationships and having more time to nurture them. Also partially so I could keep up with the chaos that comes with all their joy and love.

But what I forgot is this - how time consuming they are.

I mean, seriously?  They are SOOOOO time consuming!!

Leave it to say that I didn't shower until 1pm today.  It's 2:40pm, and although I did manage to unload the dishwasher, but I have yet to reload it or clean off the table.

Krew's toys are all over the place.

I haven't done one iota of housework.  No dusting, no sweeping or vacuuming, no cleaning of the master bathroom (which is on my housekeeping calendar for today).

I haven't uploaded pictures for family for at least three months.  Although I'm blogging, all you're going to get in terms of pictures is possibly an iPhone pic that I can quickly pull off my phone.

My hair is wet.  I have no makeup on.  I forgot to drink my coffee.

All I've eaten is a frozen gluten-free souffle that I could pop in the microwave and some chocolate chips.

Morning quiet time and working out?  HA. In your dreams.

And what have I achieved?

I have absolutely no idea.

Seriously, no idea.  I look around the house and I'm like, "Ummmmm...okay....."

And the crazy part is, sitting down to write this blog post is the first thing I've done for myself today.

Apparently all the rest of my time got sucked into the black hole of child care.

For real.

What HAVE I done all day??

No idea.

But I've been busy.  Busy, busy, busy.

So what I'm saying is, all you moms at home who can't keep up with the mess or seem to get anything done - I hear ya and I feel for ya.  It's a struggle.

And for all you moms who are working, partially or full time, I super duper feel for you too.

Children are time suckers.

But ya know what, I always keep in mind that the craziness and mess and dust and dirt and wet hair and makeupless face and to-do list ten miles long is totally worth it to have these two sweet boys in my life.

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