Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Babyhood Weeks 3 through 6

Grey, you turned six weeks old this past Saturday! Such a big boy! :)

You continue to grow like crazy, gaining almost a pound per week.  I measured you the middle of last week (when you were 5 1/2 weeks old), and you weighed 13.2 lbs, you were 23 3/4 inches long, and your head was 38 1/2 cm around.  That put you at 99th percentile for height and at >99th percentile for weight and head.  In other words, you're giant!!  Haha I don't know how your daddy and I make such big babies...your brother was an oversized infant, as well.  But I love your giantness.  It makes you so cuddly, and all your rolls are just awesome. :)

I'm still nursing you for all your meals, and I'm hoping to be able to nurse you until you're a year old like I did your older brother.  It only takes you about ten minutes to eat at each feeding, which is absolutely amazing to me.  Your brother would nurse for 40 minutes each time! Although you don't eat at the same pace as he did (thank goodness), you sure do spit up at the same pace.  I go through about six burp cloths a day.  It never seems to bother you (unless you choke on it, which happens occasionally), and you're obviously gaining plenty of weight, so I'm not too worried.  It's just something we have to deal with.

You've continued to get closer and closer to sleeping through the night, sometimes going to bed around 11pm and sleeping till 5:30 or 6:30am.  The first time you slept past 3:40am (your typical first wake-up time), your momma here got worried.  I woke up over and over and over, wondering if maybe I hadn't turned on the monitor loud enough, or if it was on the wrong channel.  I of course even wondered if you were alive, as all paranoid mommas do.  But you were alive and well.  You were just trying to bless me with some extra shut-eye, if I would have taken advantage of it.  You sleep swaddled in your rocker at night most of the time now, because that's how you seem happiest and sleep the longest.  Plus I like knowing you're on an incline with how much and how often you spit up.  I'm not sure when I'll switch you to your crib...just playing it by ear. Isn't that how most people do most of parenting? :)

You've started occasionally smiling in response to things, which is so adorable to watch. Your smile just warms my heart. :)  You still really enjoy watching your mobiles, too, and have started tracking with your eyes while looking at them.  It's so neat to see you taking interest in things around you.

You seem to pretty much hate tummy time, just like your brother did.  I still try to do it several times a day, but it's hard to convince myself to do so when I know it's just going to put you in a crabby mood.  Your brother ran a little behind on holding his head up while on his belly, and I don't want the same thing to happen to you.  So sorry to disappoint you, but the tummy time is going to continue!

You definitely seem to prefer your mommy to anyone else, which I must admit makes me feel special.  I can almost always calm you down, and sometimes when you're calm and I hand you to someone else you start crying.  Of course, I'm sure a lot of this stems from the fact that I carry your food hanging off the front of me.  But I enjoy being the preferred adult nonetheless. :)

You've done a lot of traveling already in your short life.  The weekend you turned four weeks old you went to a frisbee tournament in Maryland, the weekend you turned five weeks old you went to Lake Gaston and went on your first boat ride, and this past weekend when you turned 6 weeks old you were in Charlotte visiting your grandparents and great grandparents on your daddy's side of the family.  You've been a great travel buddy so far!  You ride well in the car, sleeping most of the time, and you adapt well to changes in schedule.  I'm so impressed. :)

On your first boat ride!

I think you're looking less and less like your brother as you're changing to look more like an infant than a newborn, but we'll see.  A couple weeks ago I noticed that you all of a sudden had two hair lines.  That's right - you had this little strip of hair growing on your forehead, then a strip of baldness, and then the rest of your hair.  It was quite the bizarre hair style. :) Since then little baby hairs have started growing in the bald area, so it doesn't really look like two hair lines anymore.  And I'm pretty sure the hairs are brown, so we might have a little brunette boy on our hands! It's so fun to watch you grown and change, especially during this time when it all happens so quickly.  I'm so thankful for my phone camera, because it makes it easy to take pictures of you every day and catch all the changes. I don't want to miss a thing!

Till the next update, keep us smiling little boy!

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