Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Accidental Resolutions

I thought to myself until today that I wasn't establishing any new years resolutions for this year.  I've got quite a bit on my plate, and many plans for the future year (I'll go into those in future posts), so I didn't want to overwhelm myself by adding unnecessary goals just because I was "supposed to".

However, I realized this morning that I did unintentionally set up two goals for myself.  It wasn't that I decided to do these things because of the new year...it just so happened that my life slowed down enough during the holidays that I was able to catch up and breathe a bit.  Then ideas of things I'd like to do started filling my mind. :)  Here are the two primary goals I've established:

1) Continue with my morning quiet time to accomplish reading the Bible in one year

2) Keep the house in its current state of cleanliness and order (or at least somewhat close) and work to make it a little better every day

And whattayaknow, two opportunities came along to help me achieve those goals.

The first is the Hello Mornings Challenge over at Inspired to Action.  This won't really add anything additional to my to-do list...it will just add a support system to encourage me to maintain my morning quiet times.  Basically, I'll be put in a group with other women aiming to have a morning devotional time, and I must check in with them at least weekly for accountability.  If you've been looking to work on or maintain your morning quiet time, you should check it out. :)  It's the last day to register for this winter session, so head on over: http://inspiredtoaction.com/resources/hellomornings/.

The second opportunity to show itself was at the blog Home Sanctuary, where Rachel Anne will be helping us to set up a home organization system that works.  I used to be an avid follower of Rachel Anne's blog, but with the birth of Krew two years ago, my life was thrown for a bit of a loop and I lost track of everything.  However, her blog is awesome, and I miss it...every day she provides you with something small to do to make your home a bit more of a sanctuary.  I look forward to jumping back in. :)

So what about you? Any plans or resolutions for the coming year?  Let me know and we can pray for one another. :)

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