Friday, October 22, 2010

Babyhood: Weeks 30 through 33

Wow I'm feeling old these days.  33 weeks old??  I am quite the growing young man!!

Alright, here are all the exciting things that happened over the last month.  I'm sorry I'm so late in updating you...Mommy and Daddy have been keeping me super busy!

Week 30 (September 24th through September 30th)

* This week I decided that it was hilarious when Mommy and Daddy shake their heads 'no'.  It makes me laugh and laugh and laugh!  Do they realize how silly they look when they do that??
* I started pulling on my ear a lot this week, and I pulled so hard it made a sound 'pop!'.  Mommy and Daddy hoped that it meant that my teeth would start to peek through soon.
* I still scooted in every direction but forwards.  I just couldn't seem to get that forward thing down!  I also still did a lot of rocking on my hands and knees.  No crawling yet, though!  Every time I tried to lift my arm and put it forward, I would fall on my face.  I don't like smashing my face very much.  It doesn't feel good.
* This week Mommy discovered that I had no winter clothes, so she had to do some quick shopping to find me some pants to fit.  See, we were heading to Indiana on Thursday, and it was going to be cold up there!
* I got a flu shot this week.  It didn't feel very good, but I only cried for about 5.6 seconds.  That made Mommy really relieved, because when I cry a long time from shots it makes her want to cry, too.
* I started banging two blocks together.  They sound so neat when they go "bang, bang!"  I actually enjoy banging a lot of things together.  Cups, blocks, anything that will make a fun sound.
* Mommy thinks she might have to put me in the big-person bathtub pretty soon.  I keep trying to climb out of my little blue one.  It's not that I don't like my little blue one - I do.  I just want to show everyone how big and strong I am!
* And finally, on Thursday Mommy and I flew up to Indiana!  But more on that will come with next week (below).

This is what happens when you can only scoot backwards. You end up stuck under couches.

I love napping in my Daddy's arms.

Week 31 (October 1st through October 7th)

* This week Mommy and me visited all my relatives on Mommy's side of the family, including Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Gordie, Great Grandma and Grandpa Lewis, Great Grandma Nicodemus, Great Aunt Sandy, Great Uncle Jeff, and all my aunts and uncles.  It was a splendid time. :)
* I started shaking my head "no, no, no!" back at everyone when they shook their heads "no" at me.  It makes me giggle so much, and I love how much the other people laugh, too!
* I started clapping and playing patty-cake all by myself this week!  I clap and clap and clap.  Sometimes it's the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning.  That's how much fun it is.
* I went with Mommy and Uncle Evan to Mommy's friend Jessica's wedding, and I got to wear a snazzy new outfit that my Grandma Nancy bought me.  I looked good, I must say.
* I turned 7 months old this week!!  Check out my 7-month pic here.
* On Thursday, Grandpa John and Grandma Teri came to visit for the evening. It was nice to see them. :)
* I got into a sitting position all by myself for the first time this week!! Mommy was so excited.  I haven't done it since then...I mostly still just cry when I want to sit up and can't get there...but if I did it once, I know I can do it again!

4 generations

me and my cousin Brady in the shirts Grandma Nancy got us

Week 32 (October 8th through October 14th)

* On Saturday of this week, Mommy and I went to watch Daddy play in his regionals frisbee tournament.  We were going to go on Sunday, too, but Mommy didn't feel well that morning so she and I stayed home.  Daddy's team got third place, which they were a little sad about, but we still get to go to nationals in Florida so we're happy about that.
* On Sunday, when Mommy and I stayed home from the tournament, I decided to show Mommy what it's like to have a difficult child.  Sometimes I think she forgets to appreciate how easy I am!  So although I let her sleep in that morning, after that I made sure to cry uncontrollably for no reason for a while and then have a giant poop explosion all up my back (the worst she'd ever seen...she even laid me on my tummy on the changing table because she needed full access to my back).  The poop explosion was so bad that she had to put me in the bathtub to get all the poop off.  Then once she had me all cleaned up and dried off and in fresh clothes, I spit up all over the floor and started playing in it and rubbing my face in it.  So she had to clean that up, too.  Then, after that was done, I thought I'd just randomly flop backwards from a sitting position and hit my head on the floor (and of course start screaming like crazy).  I made sure to do this all within about two hours to have the best effect.  I think it was highly successful.  Now I don't have to worry about her under-appreciating my easiness on normal days. :)
* You could see the tops of my bottom teeth through my gums this week!  Yay, baby teeth are on their way!

Lookin' like a stud at the frisbee tournament.

It's my new station Daddy designed for me. :)

my friend Ellie

Week 33 (October 15th through October 21st)

* My two bottom teeth finally broke through this week!! Yay!!  Mommy thinks my teeth are so cute.  She looks at them lots of times every day. I like to smile and show them off, although you can't see them very well yet because they've only grown in a little.  Sometimes they make me very crabby because they hurt, so then Mommy put teething tablets on them and I calm down.
* Mommy babysat my friend Ellie on Friday, so she and I got to play together for a couple hours.  I like Ellie a lot.  She's super nice.  (She does take my toys away from me a lot, but I don't mind.  Most of my friends do that.  I'm used to it.)
* Grannie came to visit for the weekend, and on Saturday we went to the NC State Fair.   Daddy didn't get to come because he was at frisbee practice, but the rest of us had fun.  We (ok, not me, but everyone else) got to eat lots of junk food, and we saw lots of neat animals.  And the weather was wonderful.  Not too hot, not too cold.
* Mommy hosted a pumpkin-carving party at our house on Sunday, and it was so fun.  I got to sit on top of the pumpkins in my pumpkin shirt and take a cute pumpkin picture.
* Mommy and Daddy started looking for new cars this week.  It's getting too hard for them to climb in the back of Mommy's two-door car to put me in my carseat.  Mommy's real sad...she loves her car.  Hopefully we can find her something that makes her just as happy, but also has some extra doors so she can stop banging my head or her head while trying to climb inside every day.
* And most exciting of all, on Thursday night I took my first "crawl steps"!!  I did two of them in a row.  Mommy squealed and clapped and I knew I'd done something great.  So I did it again. It's so wonderful to be able to move forward!! Yay!! Ah, the things I'll be able to reach now! I can't wait.

Grammie brought me lots of presents from her and Grandpa Todd.

Playing with my new toy while wearing my new hat.
It says "Li'l Hunter" cuz I'm gonna go hunting with Grandpa Todd using my...

Lifetime hunting and fishing license!!  Cool, huh?!
(Ok, ok, I may not go hunting for a while, but the hat is still awesome.)

Pumpkin carving party!!

Can you find me??


  1. 33 weeks! Wow! It's going by quickly. So many place, so many people! It's fun.

    You'll be crawling and walking and running and throwing frisbees in no time. Not sure about the hunting though. =p

    We have to go winter clothes shopping here too.

    Let me just tell you that toddler barf is definitely smellier than baby spit up for sure, so your mommy has it easy right now.

    No more bathtimes over here. Even the little one LOVES showers!!

    Love all the napping photos. So sweet.

    We went to the pumpkin patch but haven't gotten a pumpkin yet. The carvings are great! I have never carved a pumpkin before.

    Melody and Emily's daddy had to sell his STi after Melody was born even though it is a four-door. We have a SUV but no swagger wagon in our future.

    It's always exciting to hear what you have been up to.

  2. He's getting so big! Love the fall pumpkin picture - that's cute!

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  4. Oh, I love the "Lil' Hunter" hat and hunting license! How cute! I missed it the first time, because I had to skim a bit, but I love that! Ha!