Friday, March 12, 2010

Parenthood: Week 1

Today is Krewson's one-week birthday. :)  He's already brought so much joy into our lives.  My parents stayed with us to help out until Thursday morning, which I was SO grateful for.  I was pretty much useless those first few days home from the hospital, other than to feed the little man and cuddle him back to sleep.  Giving birth really is like getting hit by a Mack truck.  Everything hurts.  You have no energy.  Just checking my email sounded like the most daunting task ever.  And then there's your child, demanding near-constant attention.  I have been so fortunate that Krew will sleep for up to three hours at a time at night, so I have managed to get some full chunks of rest.  Last night he slept from 11 until 2, then from 3 until 6, then from 7 until 9.  So although it was fragmented, I got 8 hours of sleep.  And today I feel like a million bucks compared to every other day this week.  Thank you God for sending a baby who will sleep for a while at night!

This must be why they tell you not to leave loose bedding in the crib with the baby. SIDS risk? What?
(Don't worry, we were watching him closely when he did this. There was no time for him to stop breathing.)

Time with Grandpa

Time with Grandma

I love this picture.  Two loves of my life.

So today marks an event that I MUST write down for memories.

Around lunchtime, Dave headed into work for a couple hours and I was left at home with the baby for the first time.  After he left, I headed upstairs to wake Krew from his nap because it was time for a feeding.  He was a sleepy boy, as usual, so after feeding on one side I decided to change his diaper to wake him a little before feeding on the second side.

I laid him on the changing table and took off his diaper, which was wet with just a little poop.  I pulled out a wipe and was about to start cleaning him up when I heard a little "toot!".  I thought to myself, well, I hope there's no more where that came from!  Then all of a sudden, KAPOW!!!!  My child projectile POOPED EVERYWHERE. 

And I do mean everywhere.  My hand was covered.  The changing table was covered.  The wipes container was covered.  There were splatters on the diaper pail, the dresser, his stuffed animals, and the wall.  All I could do was stand there with my jaw hanging open, laughing and exclaiming "Oh my GOSH!!!!"  I stood there for a second, surveying the damage, then turned back to look at my ornery son.  Only to find that he was PEEING ON THE WALL!!!!  AHHHH!!!  I quickly threw the wipe I was holding over him, which kept the remaining pee from spraying the wall but resulted in a giant puddle forming under his body, which soaked into his onesie and therefore drenched his entire back in pee.  I had no idea what to do.  I just stood there for quite a while, looking from the pee-covered baby to my poop-covered hand to the poop-covered wipes, not sure where to even start cleaning the mess.  Go figure this afternoon was the first time Dave decided to leave me home alone.

Finally I used my clean hand to grab a new diaper and then I used my poop-covered hand pull an already-projectile-poop-covered wipe out of the wipe container.  I wiped my hand off with the wipe, then grabbed a fresh one to start wiping up Krew.  I stuck the new diaper under his butt, and within 5 seconds there was another "toot!" and out popped a pile of poop.  Are you kidding me???  I reached over and pulled out yet another diaper.  With it fastened in place, I began to pull the pee-soaked onesie off of him, which did not make him in the least bit happy.  Additionally, we were still in the middle of his meal and I knew he was still hungry. 

I left the mess to sit down with him and finish his feeding.  Once he was full and happy, I laid him on the floor and covered him with a blanket to keep him warm.  He needed a sponge bath, because I surely wasn't going to put a fresh outfit on him when he had dried pee covering 50% of his body.  But I wanted to get the poop cleaned up before it dried on everything.  I worked on cleaning up the mess (which took quite a while) and he laid and watched, perfectly content.  I even had to bathe the baby wipes.  Due to the amount of poop on the wipes container, I decided to pull the the wipes out of the container and just take the container in and rinse it off in the bathtub.  But when I pulled out the wipes, I discovered that the wipe pile too had a streak of poop down the side which conveniently (of course) stained every single wipe. So the wipes got a bath, too.  (I couldn't wasted a whole container of wipes!)

Once everything was satisfactorily sanitized, the real fun began with his sponge bath.  I swear the boy screams like you're cutting off his leg when you bathe him.  But bathe him I did, all by myself, and then I cuddled him up in his towel to calm him down. I kind of enjoyed that part. :) After I had him dressed again he zonked out immediately into a really deep sleep.  Apparently baths are the way to go when you want the boy to take a nice, long nap. :) was quite the event.  I'd heard that babies could projectile vomit, but I'd never heard of projectile pooping before.  Apparently they do that, too.  Good to know. :)

Waiting for a bath while Mommy cleaned up the poop on the dresser and diaper pail and stuffed animals and wall and changing pad and wipes holder and...

All-in-all it's been a good first week.  We definitely love our new little boy. :)


  1. He is so handsome. I must say Kara, you look good with that baby in your arms. Dave doesn't look so bad himself. I love the little frog pose. He just looks so snuggly.

    I had forgotten about the projectile poop, I was impressed the first time Haley made it over her wipes case and onto the wall behind the diaper genie. Aren't those 2 second diapers just depressing.

    I'm glad you've had help around the house and I hope you are recovering well. It sounds like you are managing pretty well on your own though, poop explosion and all.

  2. he really is such a cutie!!! that's a hilarious story - and i've got almost an identical one with lilly. all you can do is stand there and laugh at first!

    glad you had help the first week - its a fun and challenging one!

    you all look so happy and wonderful together as a family!!

  3. hilarious kara. you're going to have to remember to keep writing down those funny stories. I'm glad all you ladies are going through this first, maybe i'll learn some lessons from them before we have a little one! thanks! hahah

  4. oh, man, that brings back so many memories! what a story :) thank you for making me laugh. i'm sure there will be more to come! and the pictures are awesome. Love every one of them!!

  5. That is so funny! he is going to be so embarrassed when he reads this someday - but babies will be babies, no?
    Krew, if you are older now and reading this, don't worry, we all have embarrassing baby stories. And pictures. Yep.
    He is so cute Kara! I love the pictures of you holding him. :-)

  6. Too too cute!

    Oh, you'll have more stories to tell. Don't you worry. Melody was totally a pooper when she was a baby. Emily just does her business and gets changed. No dramatics for her, thank goodness. Before this, did you ever think that amount of poop could come out of that tiny body? There are some things people don't tell you. Just laugh. It makes things a little easier. =p

  7. Oh my I was laughing so hard! Welcome to Motherhood!

    I never had a problem with Ryan but Molly has peed on my fac, hair, hands, shirt (and in my mouth!) many times--it was projecticle pee and poop once too-I did not expect this from a girl!

    I think the crazy things always happen when you are alone!

    He is so incredibly adorable! It makes me ALMOST miss the newborn stage (it goes by sooo quickly)! Enjoy every second you have with him!