Friday, December 11, 2009


I was really struggling to get into the Christmas spirit for a was just so warm here in North Carolina and I felt out-of-whack.  But now things are slowly starting to sink in, and I'm finding myself listening to Christmas music on a fairly regular basis. A few chillier days and some Christmas events definitely helped increase the Christmas cheer.  :)

My friend Kristin came over to help me decorate last week, and then last weekend Dave went out and purchased lights to put on the front of the house.  We both initially wanted white lights, but they seemed to be out of stock everywhere Dave went.  Then, when we thought about it, we decided that colored lights would probably be better because they'll be a lot more exciting for Krewson in a couple years.  So colored lights it is. :)

We'll need another stocking next year!

Last year my artificial Christmas tree broke as I was trying to put it up.  So I rushed out to Big Lots and found the cheapest tree I could.  Hence my 3-ft itty-bitty Christmas tree.  I think we may go shopping for something nicer at the after-Christmas sales this year. :)

This little village and ice skating rink was one of my favorite decorations when I was little. 
My mom passed it on. :)

I love this snowman.  He's so cute, and he lights up and swirls all kinds of beautiful colors.  Too bad the batteries leaked between last winter and now. :(  It's on our to-do list to try to fix the corrosion.

Two more of my favorite decorations.  The lights on the tree light up, if I'd get a new bulb for inside.  And the snowman lost his nose (see it laying next to him?).  Wow, all my decorations are broken. :( 
It's like the toys from Rudolph.

And finally, Dave's beautiful lights on the front of the house.  We'll probably add more as the years pass, but I figured those were pretty good to start. :)

So what are YOU doing to decorate for Christmas??


  1. aww, it looks so good!! hope we can at least do some kind of decorating this's tough when everything you own is in the garage :) it's well worth it though! good job on all the decorating!

  2. Your decorations are so cute! I'm sure they're even better once they're fixed. =p We are fore-going the decorations until the kids are older. Whatever cards and photos we get in the mail, gets put up, and Melody's Christmas and winter crafts. =p We do go visit the neighborhoods to see houses that are decorated. So far this year, Melody's favorite is the one with all the big Disney princesses cut outs on the lawn. I heard there's one house that even does a 3 light shows a night every night from yesterday until new years. We're trying to go see that when Norm's cousin and wife fly in from DC. This is the cousin whose wife is from Fort Wayne. Oh, and funny that Indiana weather is too cold for you now.

  3. Love it! I felt the same way the first year I was in GA, it was too warm to TRULY feel like Christmas... but I'm already used to it now and I get in the spirit nice and early (as you've probably noticed) :)

  4. I love your decorations! Derek and I wanted to do outdoor lights this year, but it just hasn't happened - it just seems like everything is so crazy this year that we've hardly had a chance to enjoy Christmas! but we started slowing down and doing more Christmasy stuff today, so I'm feeling more in the spirit now too!