Friday, November 14, 2008

My Ambitions

This is a constantly growing and changing list of my ambitions:

1) Figure out how to develop websites and then build my own Christian resource website for women (it's called
2) Read lots of CS Lewis books
3) Read lots of Tozer books
4) Figure out an organization plan for my house
- read books
- check out online websites
5) Put my new organization plan on my new website
6) Learn how to take great digital pictures
7) Learn how to develop graphics on my computer (to use for my website)
8) Learn music theory
- maybe buy a book or two
- look online for sources
9) Get good at the piano again (we're getting a piano this weekend or next week!!)
- build up playing strength again
- find new, exciting piano books
10) Read the whole Bible again. And again.
11) Do lots of Bible studies
12) Get back in bodily shape somewhat close to what I was in college
- workout regularly
- eat well
- stay involved in
13) Get my anxiety under control
- read books
- see a counselor
- learn to focus on God
- stay involved in
14) Constantly grow into a better biostatistician
- read books
- keep biostats website and blog updated
- teach others through seminars or classes

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