Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Just called the vet. Rogan was spayed yesterday (thank GOODness!!) and she's doing just fine. So di-Oh-gee numero dos will be home soon...minus the female symptoms. Yay! :)

I want to highly recommend using petfinder.com to find yourself a new pet. Most people automatically go to the local SPCA or Humane Society...but petfinder.com has all the dogs at small rescues. That's how I found Rogan. She was so friendly and small...she would have been gone in one day at the SPCA. (I know this because I used to volunteer there.) But she was at Mitchell Mill Animal Hospital, where I got her, for a month! I don't know how much of that time she was being advertised, since they had to give her vaccines and get rid of ticks and stuff first, but still. She's wonderful. So if anyone would like a pet...any pet, because petfinder.com lets you pick the type of animal you want (along with age, size, gender, and even breed), you should definitely look on petfinder.com. Even my mom, who needs another dog about as much as I need a sixth toe on my left foot, found a dog she wants. So check it out. :)

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